Updos for Weddings

The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the life of every woman, and we have all dreamed about it ever since we were kids. If you have super long hairstyle, try these glamorous updos. There is nothing sexier and appealing than twisting your hair into knotted updo or just simple updo. If you want to shine with your wedding day hair and feel like the only girl in the world, then here you will find some of the best 20 Super Hairstyles Updos for Weddings!

1. Long Blonde Hair Updo for Weddings

Long Blonde Hair Updo for Weddings

2. Chic Long Hairstyle Updo for Weddings

3. Cute Long Hair Updo for Weddings

4. Updo with Long Hair for Weddings

5. Romantic Hair Updo with Hair Comb for Weddings

6. Classy Dark Hair Updo for Weddings

7. Blonde Hair Updo with Veil for Weddings

8. Chic Messy Updo for Weddings

9. Boho Half Updo for Weddings

10. Messy Updo with Hair Comb for Weddings

11. Blonde Curly Updo for Weddings

12. Cute Curly Half Updo for Weddings

13. Classy Straight Updo for Weddings

14. Side Braided Updo for Weddings

15. Loose Curly Braided Updo for Weddings

16. Braided Updo with Flower for Weddings

17. Top Messy Updo for Weddings

18. Loose Wedding Dark Hairstyle

19. Romantic Wedding Hairstyle with Accessory

20. Simple and Beautiful Updo Wedding Hairstyle


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