Straight and Long Hairstyles for Women

Super straight long hair is every woman’s dream because it looks flawless no matter what hairstyle is in trends at that moment.

There are lots of different hairstyle ideas for women with long and straight hair especially if you have thick hair type. Half updo styles, half buns are perfect for women with full straight hair. On the other hand, women with thin hair type can adopt different styles too. Light layering is always a good option and if you want to frame your face chin length layering would be a perfect idea for you.

Let’s talk about hairstyles; long hair gives the opportunity of different hairstyles from half updos to very versatile updo styles. Half bun is the latest hairstyle trend for women with both short and long hairstyles. If you want to achieve messy and textured bun you need to tease your hair a little bit then complete the style with texturing hair spray. You can go with braided hairstyles too, they are a perfect idea for special occasions.

1. Top Half Bun for Straight Long Hairstyle

2. Long Straight Hairstyle

Long Straight Hairstyle

3. Great Color for Straight Long Hair

4. Straight Medium Long Hairstyle

5. Side Updo for Straight Long Hairstyle


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