Long Layered Hairstyles

Layering is the key to a nicely shaped long hairstyle. You can frame any part of your face especially your cheekbones and eyes with the right layering and the haircut. Long hair won’t look that much flattering without any layers. So you should know which layering style and length is suitable for your hair type and face shape.

If you have thick or wavy hair you’ll need lightly layered long haircut, women who like to add some volume to their hair should go with chic or shoulder-length layers. To frame your face and emphasize your facial features cheekbone-length layers would be perfect.

Here are the best hairstyle ideas that are great for women who like to add a nice style to their hair with a little help of layers. Le’s have a look at the best long hair ideas for different hair types and face shapes.

1. Long Layered Hairstyle

Long Layered Hairstyle

2. Long Layered Hair Style

Long Layered Hair Style

3. Layered Long Hair Idea

Layered Long Hair Idea

4. Layered Haircut for Long Hair

Layered Haircut for Long Hair

5. Long Layered Hair

Long Layered Hair

6. Long Layered Wavy Hair Style

Long Layered Wavy Hair Style


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