Girl Braid Hairstyles

Braids are totally having a moment right now, but you don’t have to stick to an easy fishtail or basic french braid! Rock a new twist on braided long hairstyles with these 25+ Girl Braid Hairstyles. These cute braided hairstyles for girls are immensely easy to do. To choose a style that suits your face, easy to get ready and is an in-the-now style for, try these sweet braided hairstyles for girls for the ultimate look and the best hair comfort.

1. Girl with Braided Style

Girl with Braided Style

2. Girl Braided Prom Hairstyle

Girl Braided Prom Hairstyle

3. Heart Braid for Girls

Heart Braid for Girls

4. Girl Double Braided Hairstyle

Girl Double Braided Hairstyle

5. Girl Half Up Hair with Braids

Girl Half Up Hair with Braids


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